Details of our production methods, from design to timings.

Information regarding sales and after-sales services for Tino Mariani sofas, sofa beds and recliners.

Tino Mariani manufactures and sells 100% Made in Italy sofas, sofa beds and recliners, and supports customers in their choice of a new sofa, whether from the catalogue or bespoke design, providing assistance and after-sales customer service.

When you order your sofa or armchair, you can request customised manufacture to suit your taste and style, opting for Made-to-Measure sofas which allow you to furnish your living space with harmony, character and quality.
Manufacture of a made-to-measure sofa requires 60 days, and since these are personalised solutions, every modification is expressly agreed with the customer.

In the Services section of our website you’ll find further reading, information and suggestions about our high-quality handcrafted products.

Tino Mariani’s customer service is at your disposal for any clarification, suggestion and/or technical intervention following your purchase of a sofa, sofa bed or armchair. This allows us to maintain ongoing and long-lasting relations with our customers throughout the lifespan of the product.

Our Lissone-based artisan firm offers customers assistance and/or maintenance services for the repair of sofas and armchairs, for example the replacement of damaged zips or mattresses on sofa beds, supplying complete covers for sofas or armchairs and restoring padding in cushions, even several years after purchase.

Tino Mariani’s customer service is available for advice or just questions, and for requests for interventions, either by phone on +39 039 481507 or by email at

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