Sofa Beds

ofa Beds: Comfort and Artisanal Quality with Tino Mariani

Tino Mariani’s collection of sofa beds is designed to provide rejuvenating rest and exceptional comfort. The combination of artisanal craftsmanship and technological innovation results in high-quality servo-assisted mechanisms that allow for a quick transformation from sofa to double or single bed.

The range of convertible sofas by Tino Mariani is constantly evolving, offering prestigious products with electro-welded orthopedic or wooden slatted bases for superior comfort.

You can choose from various options, including sofa beds with 13cm or 18cm thick mattresses.

Tino Mariani is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production and sale of convertible sofa beds, characterized by high metal legs and cutting-edge mechanisms.

The sofas are detachable.

Our sofas and sofa beds are designed to be easily disassembled and assembled, allowing you to transport and position them with ease in any environment.

Whether you are moving or looking to refresh your decor, our detachable sofas offer you the flexibility to adapt your living room to your needs.

Where to find our sofa beds.

You can experience the quality of our sofas by visiting our store in Lissone, in the province of Monza-Brianza.

If you are unable to do so, you can conveniently purchase your high-quality sofa bed online and have it delivered directly to your home in a timely manner.

Tino Mariani’s sofa collection includes modern and classic lines, with the possibility of customizing to meet your needs.

Choose from a wide selection of fabrics, colors, and finishes to create the perfect custom sofa bed for your living space.

Experience the comfort and quality of Tino Mariani’s convertible sofas.

Additionally, at our artisanal company in Lissone, we have products ready for immediate delivery, ensuring fast and efficient service.

Choose Tino Mariani’s sofa beds and treat yourself to the comfort and quality you deserve.

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