Classic Sofas

100% Italian classic sofas. Discover the elegance, classic style, and complete customization of every detail in Tino Mariani’s classic sofas. The enveloping and soft upholstery provides tailor-made comfort.

The collection stands out for its richly detailed finishes and the possibility to create custom solutions. Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of Tino Mariani’s classic sofas.

A wide selection of coverings allows you to personalize the color of your new sofa, choosing from damask, striped, or tone-on-tone fabrics, perfect for a classic and traditional style. Choose the best for your home! Opt for a Tino Mariani signature upholstery!

Visit our store in Lissone, where you can admire and experience the elegance and comfort of the classic models and request a personalized solution for your living room, with no restrictions on size, colors, or finishes!

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