Natural colours, shapes and high-quality bespoke materials for your home


Original simple solutions that become part of our everyday life, made of relaxing moments on sofas and armchairs built with the utmost care for detail, aesthetics and design.

Units made by craftsmen who create the wooden structures and fillings following traditional methods and using the new raw materials available thanks to innovation and know-how.

Each product is manufactured according to the highest standards, starting from original and creative designs and ideas that become unique and made-to-measure furniture.

The colours of the upholstery are fashionable and they help create the personality of the sofa, armchair and bed that will become an integral part of your living or bedroom area.


Much more than an inspiration: we transform every interior design goal into reality

Everything in the right place


Details are a source of inspiration for the new collection of sofas and armchairs – they are the perfect elements that add character to each piece.

Attention to detail is therefore important when making a high-quality product that is both nice to look at and well-made.

Tino Mariani sofas are characterised by their finish and detail – that’s what makes the difference.

Wooden legs available in various shapes, material and colours, but also metal ones for a modern feel, and elegant stitching to exalt the shape and contour of the sofa – the perfect companion to relax on as well as the protagonist of a home.

Just like a real journey filled with emotions and feelings, our house furniture is with us day after day, rewarding us with special and intense moments. It adapts to our taste and mood – expressing itself through unique colours and shapes.

You are free to chose whatever finish you prefer and you can also opt for a bespoke and made to measure version – a unique sofa made especially for you.

Trendy and fashionable lively colours and shades


We cannot live without colour, which play an important role in interior design.

For example, yellow and its various shades are among the most used – from the deeper to the most delicate and almost white.

Red is the colour of passion and warmth, so it is usually used to decorate small walls or for sofas and armchairs with a strong personality.

To each their own – you can choose the colour and the material of your sofa depending on the furniture in the rest of the room.

Our sample collection is made of over 1000 fabric colours and 12 types of leather and is updated to follow the latest trends.

The art of every-day relaxation.


We sell products that are specifically created to provide you with precious relaxation moments in your living room, bedroom or other “havens” in your home.

The Tino Mariani collection is made of rational elements, where elegance embraces the high-quality of the structures and movements, guaranteeing the maximum relaxation.

We are talking about sofa beds which can transform into comfortable resting nets taking up as little room as possible.

Simple and quick movements, fluid and sturdy mechanisms, orthopaedic electro-welded and slatted bases are all part of modern or classic sofa beds, perfect for different styles and tastes.

The reclining sofas and chairs part of the range offer you a wide range of relaxing positions thanks to their mechanic or electrical movements. Elegant, functional but most of all comfortable, our reclining products are also available as bespoke and the details and colours.

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