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Answers to questions about buying Tino Mariani sofas and armchairs and all the services available to our customers.

Can sofas be made to measure and customised?

Yes, nearly all the sofas and sofa beds in the Tino Mariani catalogue can be made to measure (in terms of length, height and depth) and customised regarding finishes and details. Sofa beds can be made partially to measure, customising the size and shape of the armrests.

Can the fabric covers of sofas and armchairs be removed?

Yes, the fabric covers of all our sofas and armchairs, both modern and classic, can be removed and washed according to the type of material. On request we offer a pre-wash service, which is useful to prevent shrinking when the covers are washed.

Can I buy the sofas and armchairs from the catalogue in leather as well as fabric?

Yes, all Tino Mariani sofas and armchairs are available in a choice of removable fabric covers or leather, in any colour and a range of properties.

Is there a limit on the length of a made-to-measure sofa?

No, our made-to measure sofas can be produced in any length and depth.

Can I choose different padding options?

Yes, when you order your item you can choose softer or firmer padding, in expanded polyurethane (soft, medium or firm), down blend or 100% goose down. All paddings supplied by Tino Mariani are certified and environmentally friendly.

What kind of wood is used in your sofas?

Our modern and classic sofas, armchairs and corner units are build entirely using solid wood and their frames are guaranteed for 10 years.

How can I clean a leather sofa?

The leather used to cover our sofas and armchairs is a natural product, and natural methods and materials are needed for routine and extraordinary cleaning: a damp cloth with a small amount of neutral soap is the ideal solution for cleaning any spots, after blotting them with a dry cloth or absorbent paper. On request, we can supply a special leather-cleaning kit. Tino Mariani’s customer service is available for advice and information about cleaning leather sofas and armchairs.

Can the legs be different heights and materials?

Yes, all our sofas and armchairs, corner units and chaise-longues can be customised with legs in your chosen shape and material. Sofa beds are available with legs in wood or metal, but the height cannot be altered.

How do the sofa beds open?

All the sofa beds in our catalogue have pull-out mechanisms, allowing them to be turned into a bed with a simple action and without moving any cushions. The instructions for opening and closing your sofa bed will come with delivery.

Will you take my old sofa away?

Yes, on request we offer a collection service for your old sofa or armchair.

Can I order a sofa or sofa bed and have it delivered quickly?

Yes, certain models of sofas and sofa beds can be produced quickly, subject to the availability of your chosen upholstery.

Are all the materials used in your sofas and recliners Made in Italy?

Yes, all the sofas, sofa beds and recliners sold by Tino Mariani are produced using top quality raw materials, 100% Made in Italy.



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