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Relax sofa Paris

Relax sofa, sofa bed and fixed sofa customizable with the choice of 3 different designs of armrests.

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Contemporary line sofa characterized by a comfortable seat, high back cushion for superior comfort and soft cushions positioned on the armrest.
The Paris relax sofa is available in different solutions and configurations, 100% made in Italy.
The electric relaxation is available in all the seats of the sofa and is controlled with the supplied remote control.
On request, the model can also be produced with a 60-cycle battery.

The versions proposed for the Paris sofa are:
Sofa and relax chair, sofa and chair bed with high mattress cm. 12, sofa and chair bed with high mattress cm. 18.

The covering can be chosen in any material: removable natural fabric, anti-stain fabric, natural leather, microfiber, eco-leather, of all colors.
The Paris sofa in the relax version, fixed and as a sofa bed is proposed with 3 different armrest designs.


Technical features:

– Wooden structure
– Eco-friendly polyurethane foam padding with different densities
– Electric relaxation movement 100% made in Italy
– Electro-welded orthopedic base
– Completely removable cover in fabric, anti-stain microfibre
– Partially removable cover in natural leather
– Customizable in the choice of the design of the armrests and dimensions

Armrests available in 3 designs to best customize the sofa and harmonize it with your own spaces.


Relax sofa sizes:

Armchair cm. 107/109/105

2-seater sofa cm. 168/170/166

3-seater sofa cm. 228/230/226


Sofa bed sizes:

Armchair bed cm. 134/136/132
Mattress cm. 70×195 h 12 – h 18

Sofa 2 beds cm. 164/166/162
Mattress cm. 100×195 h 12 – h 18

Sofa 2 beds maxi cm. 184/186/182
Mattress cm. 120×195 h 12 – 18

Sofa 3 beds cm. 204/206/202
Mattress cm. 140×195 h 12 – h 18

Sofa 3 beds maxi cm. 224/226/222
Mattress cm. 160×195 h 12 – h 18

Depth cm. 101


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