New relaxing chair with removable armrests and bed position.


New relaxing chair with removable armrests and bed position.

Ideamed is the new electric relaxing chair, intelligent and innovative idea proposed sale by Tino Mariani in the field of easy chairs up person multifunctional, 100% made in Italy.
Ideamed is relaxing chair that perfectly sums functionality and practicality because it is able to offer perfect movements and new to the location relax favorite.

The main feature of the relaxation armchair Ideamed is the possibility to remove the armrests for easy approach to the bed or to a wheelchair.

The movement of electrical Long System series allows you to adjust the output of the footrest and backrest angle independently.

The person gets up and lifting vertically the chair allows you to adjust the seat height of the chair, relaxing 180-degree turns relaxing chair Ideamed in a real bed.
The wheels supplied for easy movement of the chair that can be pushed by grasping the handle big place on the back of the chair.

The relaxing chair Ideamed is available in any kind of stain resistant fabric, leather or microfibre.

Technical features:

  • Structure: wood and metal
  • Padding: polyurethane foam
  • Chair covers: standard

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